Mistress T – Fetish Fuckery – Prison Bitch Interrogation

Mistress T - Fetish Fuckery - Prison Bitch Interrogation

You have been caught masturbating in front of a woman (non-consensual). Under the new legislation sex offenders are treated much more harshly. Youre chained naked to a chair getting interrogated by a sexy, Dominant woman… u are scared shi++less. U`re going to prison for sure but she wants you to further confess to intending to the woman, which will mean life in prison instead of a few years for indecent exposure. She graphically describes what life will be like for a little white boy like u in prison. How you’ll be sodomized repeatedly by the other prisoners n guards. How you’ll be made to suck cock, lick man ass and be a toilet. She tells u that if you confess to the greater crime she’ll put in a good word for u with the warden. You might get leniency, maybe your own cell so you get a break from the abuse. But if you continue 2 resist confessing on record the two mean, burly guards outside that door will come in and beat a confession out of you anyway. At the end she further twists the knife by stripping down and showing you her beautiful body, saying that you’ll never know the warmth of a woman again, that you’ll never touch or taste or smell a woman ever again. The only sex you’ll have from now on is with men as their prison bitch… this is what happens to sex offender creeps who disrespect, objectify and violate women.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Mistress T, Mistress, POV, Forced Bi, Gay, Powerful Woman, Encouraged Bi, Interrogation

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