Mistress T: The Reality Of A Small Dick Denied Chastity Cuck

Mistress T: The Reality Of A Small Dick Denied Chastity Cuck

Face it, u would rather be a cuck than a fuck. Isn’t that right? U actually like being denied. U know so deeply, how inadequate u`re, that your little dick would never please a woman. It’s best that it stays locked up in chastity where it can’t do any damage, so u can’t disappoint a woman. I mean look at how tiny your little dick is. U could never please a woman n u know it. U know that u are unworthy, inadequate. So u like being denied, u like being a cuckold. You know that that’s your place.

U’ll never be a stud, u’ll never know what it feels like to have a woman cum around your cock. Because u don’t have a cock do u? You can’t call that thing a cock. So u don’t even get to stroke or cum. U stay locked up in that cage while I t0rture n tease u with what u’ll never have. You’ll never know what it feels like 2 fuck me or cum inside my pussy. U are life is just full of denial, but u like it, kind of a sicko that way. You wear that chastity cage all the time knowing that’s the best place 4 your little dicklette. You don’t even get to cum or masturbate. But you get hard in your cage though don’t u?

Pleasing me isn’t your place, I have lovers 4 that, with large cocks. I can fuck whenever I want. And if u were my cuckold I might let you prepare my pussy n clean it up afterwards. How hard do u think your cock would be in that cage if u were licking another man’s cum out of my pussy? With him laughing at u. The shame of knowing that u are not a real man, a real man wouldn’t do that. But u are a cuck, that’s what u were born 2 be. As soon as you reached adulthood and saw how small u were, you knew, deep down. U are not a fucker, a breeder, there’s no reason 4 your dna to replicate. No more little dicks.

U are not a fuck, u are a cuck and you like it. It’s kind of a thrill being denied, isn’t it? U edge yourself, keeping yourself horny, but you deny yourself, u know you don’t deserve 2 cum. You just love having your weaknesses exploited by a dominant woman. U love being a teased & denied cuck. But I like 2 make u ache, thinking about it. No cumming 4 u, you don’t deserve it.

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