Mistress Tara – Furniture Deliver Deal


Mistress Tara had just received a delivery of furniture that she had put a deposit on. The delivery guy brought all the boxes into her living room and presented the invoice to her for the balance. She left the room only for a minute to get some cash to pay him and when she returned he was smelling a pair of her sandals that were on the floor. He was very embarrassed that she caught him and didn’t know what to say. He quickly changed the subject and asked to collect the balance so that he could be on his way. Tara had other plans for him.

Mistress Tara sat down on the boxes and told him to remove the flip-flops she was wearing. Puzzled, but interested he removed her flip-flops. She didn’t hesitate in telling him to lick her feet. This was his dream come true, he is being asked to lick a beautiful woman’s feet whom he had just met.

She encourages him and tells him how much she likes the feeling of his tongue running up and down her feet. She keeps him going for a few minutes. Then tells him to stop and put her flip-flops back on. He thanks her for a great experience and that he really enjoyed it. He grabs the invoice and asks her if he could get the payment for the balance of the furniture. She tells him, “No”. They are even now that he was given the privilege of worshiping her feet. He panics because this money will come out of his paycheck if he doesn’t collect it. Tara say’s, “It’s either that or she calls the store and tells them what a creepy foot freak he is.


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