Mistress Trish – A Sadist Always Gets What She Wants

Mistress Trish - A Sadist Always Gets What She Wants

“Aww, someone’s in a little bit of trouble!” smiles Mistress Trish, as She begins to strike submale relentlessly with sharp strokes from a thin cane. The Sadist is going to use numerous canes as She bruises Her slave n breaks open his purple skin. She attacks the same spot on the submale’s ass over n over as he grunts in pain. Mistress Trish then selects a thick, long cane. She 1st works over a few choice spots on submale, before laughingly deciding to beat his entire butt fast n hard. Trish admires the bruises that She has inflicted, but is disappointed that the slave’s skin remains unbroken. Brutally hard blows to submale’s bruises have him screaming in pain as Mistress Trish purrs with pleasure. The Mistress admires the beautiful marks She is leaving, and She picks up another savage cane to work them over. Her full-force blows have submale groaning, which encourages the Sadist to speed up Her cane strikes. Trish then decides on a cruel change of pace, and She rains hard overhand whacks on each ass cheek. The Mistress is pleased to see these strikes have opened up the slave’s skin, and She add a few more vicious wallops to the wounds before moving to Her next cane. Trish works over the submale’s red n purple ass with the new cane, again increasing the rate of Her strokes. She pokes at the slave’s tender butt and teases him about the pain She is inflicting. Noticing the left ass cheek is not quite as bruised and broken as the right cheek, Trish evens out the marks with an attack on the left butt, cruelly aiming for the same spot again n again. After a vicious attack on a second spot on the left butt, the Mistress moves back to the thin cane. “You ready to be finished off nice and meanly?” Trish taunts. Mistress Trish assaults submale’s raw ass with dozens of hard, merciless strikes from the thin, cutting cane. Trish is happy with the beating She has given, but She makes the desperate slave convince Her that he is really, really sore before She stops. The Mistress then shows off the gorgeous bruises and welts that Her caning has given submale.

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