Mistress Trish – Agonizingly Memorable Marks

Mistress Trish - Agonizingly Memorable Marks

Mistress Trish has the desire to leave her mark on slave in numerous agonizing ways today. She starts by ripping into his chest flesh with her long, strong fingernails. She rakes her nails across his skin, leaving trails of wounds as she scratches deep into the surface. Loving the bright, hot pain that her fingernail scratching causes the slave Trish mixes up her techniques so as to explore every painful sensation. She scratches him aggressively, quickly and also slowly, agonizingly while mixing in some sharp pinches that make slave flinch n moan. By the time she is happy with how ripped open the slave is Trish decides that another layer of flaying is in order. She gets 3 eighteen gauge needles n secures them between the knuckles so that she can rip into his skin. She glides the needle across his chest, immediately opening him up with small razor sharp cuts. As soon as she gets comfortable with the sensation Trish starts to be a little more haphazard and aggressive with the needles, digging them in and quickly stabbing her slave so that he opens up as she desires. Knowing slave ms sensitive, weak spots Trish of course takes advantage of these. She jabs him in the chest and in his nipples making him flinch and moan with pain as she smiles with glee. Finally satiated with the trails of open wounds that she has given to her slave Trish decides that she wants to open him up in another way on another body part. She gets her spiky metal tipped stilettos so that she can rip into his nut sack. Not holding back she begins to snap kick the spikes straight into his balls. Immediately pleased with how his balls co-operate and begin to leak warm red signs of agony for her Trish kicks the slave even harder as a reward. She holds him in place so that she can give him series of rapid fire kicks that really get him flowing n moaning in pain. A seasoned masochist like slave m handles Trishs extreme sadism extremely well. So, of course, she goes harder still on him, driving her metal spikes harder and harder into his balls with her kick and punt. Sometimes the slave doubles over in pain but he quickly rights himself so that Trish can enjoy kicking him hard again. And again. Trish is finallyafter dozens and dozens of hard impailing ballbusts satisfied with how red and wounded slave ms balls. She praises him for taking her brutality well. He thanks her for giving him so many agonizing marks to remember her with.

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