Mistress Trish – Choked The Fuck Out

Mistress Trish - Choked The Fuck Out

Hmmm, you are in a lot of trouble, arent you? Mistress Trish smirks as she seals her strong hand firmly over slave fluffykins mouth. The poor slave does not have any idea what hes in for as Trish desires to use her muscular body to dominate him completely. She crushes his throat with a straight scissorhold, squeezing the fuck out of his neck with her intense thighs and stopping him from breathing by treating him to a simultaneous hand over mouth smother. She then subjects him to an equally intense reverse scissorhold, crushing his head until it is purple. The slave is then given a break from the brutality of Trishs thighs as she straight smothers his nose and mouth with her hand. All too quickly break time is over and Trish squeezes the hell out of him with another scissorhold hand over mouth combination that has him gasping for breath. Too bad he wont be getting any any time soon. Trish seals her perfectly muscular ass over his face and smothers him this way, laughing at his desperation to breathe. She continues her reign of breathless torments with another insanely intense reverse scissor, using the entirety of her incredibly strong body to leverage her thighs against his throat. Just when the slave didnt think that it could get any worse or any more intense for him Trish decides 2 give him an arm choke hold. Her biceps are legendary for crushing the vitality out of even the most hardened victim. Poor little fluffykins stands no chance as Trish tightens her biceps and forearms around his neck and clasps her hand over his mouth. She literally, unintentionally but beautifully brutally, chokes the slave the fuck out!

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