Mistress Trish – Fucked in Butt County

Mistress Trish – Fucked in Butt County

In Butt County Texas having more than six dildos is a crime. When the Sheriff of Butt County catches a law breaking dildo salesman with a seventh dildo concealed in his mouth she teaches him a lesson that he won’t forget anytime soon. She ties him up in her sling and takes him for a “wild ride,” showing him exactly how his dildo products should be used and ensuring that he won’t ever break Butt County’s laws again by fucking him hard in the ass with one of his giant dildos. The poor, unfortunate, dildo salesman squeals like a pig when the Sheriff shoves her massive cock into his hole. Not feeling merciful–at all–the Sheriff fucks him hard in the butt ignoring his moans of pain as she berates him for breaking Butt County laws. By the time she’s–almost–done taking his ass the dildo salesman swears he will never return to Butt County. To ensure that that’s the case the Sheriff slams his hole hard n fast, driving her point home, as the law breaker winces in pain from having a thick, over a foot long, strap-on rammed in and out of his ass. “If I ever catch you in Butt County again,” the Sheriff warns the dildo salesman, “you are getting a really big dildo.”

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