Mistress Trish – Used and Abused Parts 1-3

Mistress Trish - Used and Abused Parts 1-3

“Suck it,” Mistress Trish orders as she pushes her cock in slave jk’s mouth. The sub gets to work sucking her cock, lubing it up so that she can pound his ass with it. Trish wraps her leg around his body so that she can better pull his face onto her cock. After a good bit of satisfying gagging Trish decides that she wants the sub laying down so that “there is no where for u to escape.” With his head pinned between her thighs she shoves her cock down his throat and fucks his face nice and hard. As he struggles to breath, gagging on her cock, Trish laughs and deep throats him faster. She jerks her cock off into his mouth, drives her muscular hips downwards to force her dick all the way in, and pounds his face one more time before deciding that it’s time to give his ass a turn. Trish slides her cock into his ass and starts gyrating her hips so that she can use her slut “like a piece of meat.” “That’s all you`re right now, is my piece of meat for me to be enjoyed,” she smirks as she begins to ram his hole harder. Somewhere between pleasure and pain the overwhelmed sub moans as Trish hammers his ass. He jerks his cock as Trish pulls hers almost all the way out only to shove it back all the way inside of his ass. She briefly wraps her hands around his throat to get better leverage to thrust herself in and out. She rams his hole good and hard until, almost satisfied, Trish decides that she wants to fuck her slut doggy style for a little bit. On his knees with his ass up in the air Trish sinks her cock back into his ass and wastes no time fucking him aggressively again. As his discomfort becomes clearly visible Trish tells him to touch himself because she is going to want him to orgasm. She pulls her cock out, orders him to lay on the floor, and straddles his head as she removes her strap-on. As the sub jerks his cock Trish unzips her latex so that she can humiliate him by drenching him with her golden. At first the sight of Trish’s pussy hovering above his head excites the sub but as soon as she opens the flood gates he is again overwhelmed with sensation. She him, laughing as he struggles to no avail to breath n escape her stream. When his entire head is soaked Trish tells him that he had “better fucking orgasm” as she rests her boot on his nipple. To Trish’s amusement it takes the sub no time to shoot a good sized load. “Totally used in every way that I like,” she smirks.

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