Mistress Trish – Zero To Sixty Nipple Destruction

Mistress Trish - Zero To Sixty Nipple Destruction

Mistress Trish hasn’t played with slave nipples in a while. They`re out of shape. Not that she cares. She uses his heightened sensitivity to cause him as much pain as possible. 1st she literally jumps on his nipple with a wartenberg wheel, roughly and aggressively sliding the sharp metal teeth over his nipples. Again n again. She tenderizes each nipple with hundreds of puncture wounds, laughing as he grimaces in pain, before sliding her favorite sharp teethed metal clamps tightly down onto his nipple. She yanks, twists, and spins the chain to ensure that the poor slave is suffering maximally for her. Then, holding him down with her body weight as she sits on his chest, Trish slides her combat boot between the 2 nipples so that she can use it to tweak and pain his now extremely wounded nipples. She taunts him as her minor movements cause him crazy, good, amounts of pain. Finally Trish decides that it’s time to rip those clamps off…of course she does it in the meanest ways possible.

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