MMA Domination – BodyBuilder Wrestling 3

MMA Domination - BodyBuilder Wrestling 3

IFBB Pro Figure competitor Sheila is back to teach this asshole another wrestling lesson. She begins by showing her superior body, as she intimidates him by flexing her perfectly toned physique. Flexing her legs with are notorious for crushing skulls, Sheila clearly enjoys posing for the camera. He tries to mount an offense, but this female bodybuilder is too strong quickly putting him in a headlock. Clad in very skimpy boy shorts, and a revealing bikini top. You really get to Sheila’s bulging muscles pop with each painful hold. Hanging his head off the bed, she applies a strenuous standing reverse headscissor that has his eyes bulging out of his head. Still trying to mount an offense, Sheila effortlessly throws the much larger man around like a ragdoll. Trapping him once again in her devastating headscissors leaving him no choice but to tap out from the sheer agony of her muscular thighs. Standing on his throat with her bare feet, Sheila shows she uses her entire body to stop him from breathing. Trapping him once again in her quads of steel, Sheila is relentless and not satisfied until her opponent is destroyed. There is nothing quite like watching Sheila’s washboard abs ripple as she applies each scissorhold. Trapping him in an excruciating grapevine, Sheila stretches his joints beyond their limits. Sheila then locks in one last reverse that sends him off to dreamland, and revels in her triumph with a sexy victory pose, as only this musclebound Female BodyBuilder can.

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