Mollys Face Sitting Cuck

Mollys Face Sitting Cuck

Molly is on the sofa wearing only fishnets, heals n panties. Her boyfriend, Alex Adams starts playing with her boobs. He wants 2 fuck, but she isn’t interested. She’s about 2 go work at the club and hook up with lots of hot guys, and she’s barely interested in Alex anymore.

As he persists 2 grope her, she takes control and sits on his face, telling him that she doesn’t really need his cock anymore. She makes him worship her ass n pussy, bouncing n grinding on his face while she belittles him (with her perfect big tits bouncing in the process)

She puts her high heel on his balls and tells him how much she’d rather fuck other guys, then leaves him with blue balls on the floor…

Molly returns from the club after going on a slutty rampage, getting fucked by a tidal wave of big dicks, filling her up with cum. Alex is still sulking on the sofa about her blue balling n humiliating him earlier.

She rips open her fishnets, and shoves his face in her pussy, commanding him 2 eat all the other guys’ cum out of her while she laughs. She teases him, knowing how horny he is, and that he’d do anything in the hope of her fucking him again.

After she humiliates him 4 having a big mouthful of cum, Molly sits on his face and makes him lick her pussy in a few different positions. She teases his cock while riding his face and then grabs him by the balls.

“I got a new toy 4 us…” She tells him with a slight smile, then walks away, leaving him humiliated and confused on the living room floor…

2 be continued in “Molly Fucks Her Cuck

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