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My Asian Math Slave


My niece is getting SO dominant! I am SOOO proud of her! She absolutely LOVES using submissive men and foot-losers as SLAVES to make her life easier! And in this clip she confides in Me that she HATES math and is sick of doing her homework. She doesn’t want to deal with that subject anymore, EVER! So I tell her I have the PERFECT solution- My asian slave! (They are all good at math, right??) So I simply give her my asian slave to use to do her math homework. And again, I explain to her that it is all about the FEET- this thing will do algebra, calculus…you name it…it will figure out the theory of relativity if it means getting to kiss a woman’s pretty, sweaty feet! LOL! (She just came back from a workout!) My niece thinks it’s hilarious and is MORE than happy to toss her notepad down on the floor and command her new asian math-bitch to do her homework for her! While we just look down and laugh at it. These slaves are so PATHETIC….they will do ANYTHING for our FEET! My niece even rubs it in by letting the loser know how she is going to be going out and having a GREAT time partying and hooking up with some boys while HIS loser-asian ass is laying on the floor doing her homework for her! LOL! But it does get rewarded when she gets home later… 😉

Queen Kasey


137 mb
9 min

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