My Ass Will Break You Down And Ruin You Loser

My Ass Will Break You Down And Ruin You Loser

How fucked are u with that view of my ass? How much does your cock ache 4 me? How much do u want it? Tell me how bad u want it loser, tell me how bad u want me even though u know its just something youll never have. U are not worthy. Not even close. An ass like this was made 2 destroy pathetic little losers like you. Do u think it was made of you to jerkoff to? No, it was made 4 u to crave it, to lust after it, but never to have it. It was meant to break u loser.

And the more u stare at it, the more u want it. You want it so bad that it ruins you, that it completely fucking breaks you down. You cant stop thinking about it, but u know youll never get an ass as nice as mine. You just get to sit there, frustrated, and look at how amazing it is. All you get is to want, youll spend your entire life wanting an ass like mine, but u know that will never happen. How does that feel?

How far down does my ass bring you? How many nights to you sit there wanting n wanting what u just cant fucking have? U are lucky I even let you look at it, although it might just make it worse 4 u. Does it make it worse, loser? How much is your dick throbbing right now? U are brain is just a pile of mush by now. I know.

I want u 2 stare at me, at my ass, at how fucking hot I`m sitting here in a thong, completely topless. U are just a mindless loser 4 me, and thats all youll ever be to me. A fucking worthless jerkaholic loser that no girl will ever want.

Why do u keep doing this to yourself? Why do you keep buying ass clips over n over again? When you know youll never have it. Youll never be worthy. U are just so addicted you cant stop. So go on, keep staring, keep making it worse, keep buying those ass clips. Keep furthering your addiction because you have no self control when it comes to an ass like mine. And I am going to take advantage of that until the day u d.1.e.

Luscious Lindsey

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