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My Cane Has No Mercy


I have strapped my slave over the stool and flaunt my shapely behind in his puffy face. He strains to get his quivering lips onto it, but I tell him, “Not my ass—the back of my boots.” Then I punish with a stiff stroke of the cane on his bare back, following with repeated swats from shoulders to butt. I have him squirming, screaming, finally bellowing: “Oh, God! Ohhh!”

I smack his reddening flesh even harder. I love a plea for mercy but give none. By a handful of his hair, I twist his head around, then hold it, face up, as I chastise his stinging backside with the long, flexible cane. I pick up the pace, pour it to him, walking round and round his shaking body and striking more times with the cane, and harder than I ever have in my life.

Princess Inari-Kai




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