My New Office Foot-Bitch (1080 HD)

My New Office Foot-Bitch (1080 HD)

I caught u… U`re one of those office foot fetish freaks, aren’t u? U just love when we girls wear flats 2 work and then change into their high heels at their desk, huh? Those flats get nice n dirty when we wear them 2 and from the office – and u know it. So when we leave the cubicle u sneak in n worship our shoes, dont u! Well today is your lucky day because I CAUGHT u on camera LICKING THE INSIDE OF MY FLATS – but lucky 4 u, I think it’s hilarious n I am not going to turn u in. Instead, I`m going to give u MORE of what u seem 2 like so much – just because I think its pathetic n hilarious. But u`re going 2 give me what I like in return, understand? MONEY! Haha. U see, I`m BLACKMALING u! Yup… u are totally screwed. If u dont do what I say, I am going 2 send this little 1 minute video on my iPhone 2 everyone in the office n get your ass fired. And not only are u going 2 CONTINUE worshipping my shoes EVERY SINGLE DAY when I come 2 work (while I`m right there WATCHING u do it from now on!) but ALL your bonus money is mine too from here on out! And that’s just the beginning. Take a good look at my bare feet n toes as I explain the details of who u are REAL “boss” is now

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Blackmail Fantasy, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, Foot Fetish, Office Domination, Footworship, Foot Licking

810 mb
9 min

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