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Garry on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hi Emilek. Fixed now....
emilek on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hey Garry, can you reupload it? Bec...

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My Slave - Cum Overture in Blue - CBT

My Slave - Cum Overture in Blue - CBT

I like my experimentation objects all shiny. To put them into rubber bondage turns them into perfectly usable sex toys. And why not add some color to it? All in blue latex I have bound and spread my object to the examination bench. With a thick hood with blindfold and inflatable gag it is disoriented and does not know what is coming. It’s dick and balls are covered with a thin black rubber sheath that make it look like a dildo. I play with it, squeezing a feeling its tight balls through the thin elastic material. Then I slowly pull it off revealing a blue cockring that I have already put on it some hours again. But there is still something missing. I don’t like it when balls flop around. I pull a thick blue rubber ball stetcher over those full balls. Now this looks perefect. Everything tight, shiny and bound. This is way males must be kept.

But of course I want more. Its holes must be filled to own him completely. I shove a black rubber plug into that tight little ass as it moans in the gag.

Now I can really start to abuse it. I squeeze those tight balls with rubber fingers and stroke the length of its hard shaft. But I am not really content with the hardness. But a creative woman always has her ways. I pull some blue rubber bands over its dick, applying more and more pressure. Its glans is now bulging and shiny just the way I like it. I slowly stroke its tied dick while playing with its air tube. I own him completely and penetrate its mind. It his now nothing but a human dildo in my hands.

I then slowly start licking that tight glans, tasting its fear and frustration. I wank it fast and faster, stroking my hands over its rubber ribbed dick. As its body twitches in the rubber constraints I add more pressure to its balls als I force milk it without mercy and that toy ejaculates a huge amount of cum over its rubber body. Yummy.

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