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My Slave - Watch Me Preparing My Rubber Toy - Latex

My Slave - Watch Me Preparing My Rubber Toy - Latex

Rubber! So shiny and fun. You can do so many evil things with it. I often have daydreams about shiny glistening and bound boys, pereparing those toys for my enjoyment is already half the fun.

Slave 0 is wearing a black catsuit and a puple latex mask with no eye holes. I am not interested in him seeing anything. I just need his mouth from time to time. His penis is covered by a red latex sheath. This make him look like a rubber dildo.

I have already tied his arms to the ceiling with a tight rope. But as he still has to much freedom of movement for my taste., I take some rubber straps and strap his arms as well as legs together. Now that is more like it. As I feel his body and smell his fear he knows there is no escape.

I grab his hard penis, feeling it through the rubber. The perfectly controlled male toy. But while I will have my fun with his rubber dick I will make him suck dildo at the same time. This is what sluts do best with constant training. I take a rubber gag with red dildo and force it into his mouth although he tries to avoid it. His resistance only turns me on even more as I fasten the gag to push the dildo in deep. Now he will be quiet while sucking rubber dick.

I stroke and feel his bound body as he struggles in his bonds. But I am most exited about the present I have made to myself. As I slowly take off the dick sheath I expose the tight rubber coack and ball ring as well as a rubber glans sound. That sound has been in is urethra for hours now and must hurt like hell. But this filled glans has forced his dick to be hard for my enjoyment all the time. Perfect dick control.

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