Naughty Dragon – Victoria Banx – Key Witness Whacked

Naughty Dragon - Victoria Banx - Key Witness Whacked

Victoria Banx is a cold blooded assassin and part an elite, all female hit squad. She has received information regarding her next target, a known federal informant due to testify before a grand jury the next day. Her employer has hired her to make sure he does not take the stand. As Victoria makes her way down the hotel hall, she confirms a federal agent guard outside of the room. She quickly sizes him up as a nominal threat. She glides past him and “accidentally” drops her room key to which he quickly scrambles to help her pick it up. As he bends down she knees him in the head and he is out. Sliding him into the stairwell she works on gaining entry into the room with the guard’s hey card. Once inside, she removes her cocktail dress to limit the amount of fiber transfer.

Now down to her sexy bra n panties, she stands at the corner of the bed leaning against the wall. She clears her throat and the man stirs. Sensing another person in the room, he pops awake, startled, and bellows, “Who are u and how did you get into my room?” Victoria, using the name off of the ID tag on the guard calmly tells him that Jeff let her in as she was sent by the agency to help him “relax” before his big day. He admits that an escort sent by the federal government seems a little out of place. She assures him that there`re a lot of things the government does that would seem out of place and that a services of this nature is harmless in comparison. She crawls into the bed toward him and straddles his hips. She wraps her legs around his waist and whispers, “Let’s get started, shall we?” And with that, she locks her ankles n straightens her legs in a crus**** scissorhold. The man cries out in pain n grunts furiously trying to pry himself loose. He struggles with all his might but Victoria’s powerful thighs are like a vice. He moans and groans and Victoria decides he`ll wake the whole floor. She grabs him by the back of the head and shoves his face into her ample cleavage to muffle his screams. With a few last gasps and leg twitches, he finally succumbs to the crus**** pressure.

Victoria releases him from her cleavage and he falls limp back onto the bed. She quickly transitions to a side scissorhold around his waist and he is immediately thrown into a rib cracking grip between Victoria’s thighs. He cannot escape and is quickly out. Sadistic and playful, Victoria drags him over to the side of the bed for a better angle and sensually glides into position for a reverse scissorhold, turning her body to where his head is trapped between her thighs and the bed. His screams are muffled by linen and muscle and he is no match and quickly he is out. A few other scissor holds and he is zapped of any energy and is at the whim and will of Victoria.

She decides to finish him off in her signature way…by rendering him limp and lifeless by boob smother and then snuffing his life by ass smother. She takes her bra off and smothers his face with her big, soft titties. Next, she sits on his face and starves him of oxygen. Once the mission is complete, she radios her handler, gets dressed and slides out of the room.

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