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Nipple Control

Nipple Control

THIS WAS A “MiamiMeanGirls” REQUEST: “My fantasy is: A man comes to Goddess Randi’s home to sell her something. She answers the door dressed in business clothing, wearing stockings, suit and high heels. You sit on the couch and You slowly hipnotize him by dangling a shoe. Just when he is mesmerized, semi-conscious, You slip off the shoe completely. You compel him to sniff it, stroking his nipples and whispering, “now you can’t live without My odor”. The strong man initially resists being submissive. The theme is the transformation of a strong man into a submissive man, by Your charm, Your shoe’s dangling hipnotizm, and by the massaging of his nipples. Then the image changes to a few weeks later. He has become Your home servant- and is kept in chastity. It’s morning, so he makes You breakfast and while You’re eating it, at the snap of your fingers, he goes under the table and he puts Your stockings on You, while You eat your breakfast. At the end of the breakfast, before leaving home, You caress his nipples and order him to do the housework. Also this time he tries to resist, saying “no, I don’t want to do housework”, but You continue to caress his nipples, laughing, until he says “Yes, I will do the housework”. When You come home at evening, You sit on the couch and snap your fingers (at that time he could be committed to polish Your other shoes, for example); he runs and kneels, trying to sniff your feet, like a , but You prevent that asking him if he did all the housework You had ordered him to do. He did them, so You caress his nipples saying “ok, then maybe I will satisfy you”, and You start doing shoe dangling in front of him; he tries to touch Your feet but he can not touch You (You laugh at him) Eventually, You allow him to get closer to Your foot that is dangling the shoe, and he has a orgasm without even touching. You, satisfied, laugh sadistically and caress his head. I’ve attached examples of nail polish, shoes and stockings, to be worn with a skirt. I like skirts and flesh-colored stockings. As for shoes, my tastes are classic (black stiletto). I wish the camera could film SOMETIMES from the perspective of the slave, filming your feet and your dominant expressions.”

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China Slave
22 Dec 2012

Thank you for video!

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