Nut Punch the Principal

Nut Punch the Principal

We told our teacher that our principal was a pervert so she told us that she could use some of her old blackmail info she had on him 2 dish out some punishment- with our own hands! The teacher brought the principal in to stand in front of us – naked! OMG! – and we get 2 take turns nut punching n dick slapping him, haha! The teacher even makes him stroke and get hard, then BEG 4 a big punch 2 the balls like a fool! haha! Over n over again. Stroke, punch, stroke, punch, stroke, punch. I don’t think he will be able 2 get hard around us again… or will he? let’s be sure 2 tease him to see if his cock even twitches! If it does…WHAM!

OMG it must be just sooo humiliating 2 have 2 let your young, cute, and BRATTY female students treat u like this…especially 4 a pervert like this! Cuz now WE are the ones in charge!

Featuring: Dommes Harley, DommesNO n Princess Cindi

Keywords: Female Domination, Ballbusting, Ball Abuse, CFNM, School Girls, Femdom, Uniforms, Humiliation, Mistress, Young Mistress

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