One Last Sensual HJ

One Last Sensual HJ

Bailey is sensually stroking Lance’s cock. She is still wearing her strap-on from earlier.

“U like this? I want u to enjoy yourself 4 now… I’ve got terrible things planned 4 these balls…”

She encourages him 2 feel her body, grope her tits, kiss her neck… but she stops every time he is just about to cum. Then she picks up the pace n moans with him.

“U ready to cum? After u cum, I am going 2 destroy your balls. Kick them, stomp them, crush them… u are going 2 be in a world of pain…”

As she slowly strokes out his long orgasm, Bailey giggles, then slaps his balls.

Keywords: Edging Handjob, Sensual Femdom, Ballbusting Talk

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