Orias Squeezes Blue Balls

Orias Squeezes Blue Balls

[this picks up where “Bratty Spiked Chastity Tease with Orias” left off]

Orias is trying out an outfit for a Halloween party. She’s wearing a high cut leotard, shiny pantyhose, high heel boots, and bunny ears. Her roommate’s boyfriend is on his way to the pool when she stops him.

“How’s my outfit look?” He looks at her ass. “What are u doing?” She knows he recently got let out of his spiked chastity cage, but hasn’t been allowed to cum yet. Orias and her roommate have an understanding that if her boyfriend is caught being a perv at all, he needs to be punished by either of them.

Orias whips him with his towel, then makes him worship her ass since he was starting at it. She wraps the towel around his neck and pulls his face in harder, then puts her high heel on the bulge in his speedo.

“She let u out of that spiked cage, but u didn’t know it was actually protecting u from me…”

Orias squeezes his balls and puts her ass in his face. She puts him through a wringer of ball squeezing, ball slapping and ass worship. Then she takes a picture of her foot on his bulge in his speedo 2 send to his girlfriend. She gets a text back saying telling her to take him to the dungeon. They aren’t going to take his balls just yet, but that’s coming soon….

to be continued…

Keywords: Facesitting, Assworship, Shiny Pantyhose, Leptard Fetish, High Heels, CBT, Ball Slapping, Ball Squeezing, Smothering, Emasculation Fetish, Bratty Femdom

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