Our Kissy Faces Taunt u

Our Kissy Faces Taunt u

Our whips sting soooo bad huh? Awww…. but we want u 2 take MORE! We KNOW u can take more! Cuz we just won’t give u a choice! LOL. Just stare into our eyes as we blow sweet kisses in your face. U will be so mesmerized by our beauty that u can take even more pain 4 OUR entertainment, haha! So pathetic.
Oh, n just 2 make SURE u will take it, we`re going 2 strap one of our old shoes 2 your ugly FACE so u inhale the scent of our FEET 2 completely put u under our spell n turn u into the obedient, helpless whipping-boy that we want u 2 be for us! With that shoe strapped 2 your ugly face n the smell of our FEET in your nostrils we`re actually going to re-condition and re-wire your brain so that you LIKE taking pain for us! Eventually u will even BEG us to hurt u! Haha…
– FEATURING: Princess Cindi and Goddess Suvana

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Whipping

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