Ours 4 the Breaking Part 3

Ours 4 the Breaking Part 3

Now that Cory Chase got 2 live out her fantasy of fucking the soon 2 be male slave in the ass, they need to get their job done. He must disappear. Vanessa Vixon has made it clear that she wants 2 Nut him 1st, just 4 fun, and just because she can.

The want 2 fuck with him a little more before he meets his fate. They tell them that he is allowed one final orgasm as they play with his cock. It doesn’t take long 4 them 2 get him hard against his will with their sexy bodies.

Vanessa slaps his cock, they both squeeze his balls, joking n smiling with each other about his upcoming Emasculation and how they are going 2 leave him in the swamp for …

They do not want him 2 enjoy his last orgasm, so they put their sexy nylon covered legs together, squeezing his hard cock, and they demand that he fucks their pantyhose. They give him some lube 2 make sure he will cum, but they are not sympathetic about the abrasions on his cock as they tease him. They know he is trying not 2 cum, and they are doing everything they can with their perfect tits n sexy talk 2 pull that cum out.

Finally, as they are playing with the head of his cock n squeezing his shaft hard with their pantyhose covered legs, he blows a huge load on their nylons. They tease him a little by putting their high heels into his balls, then leave him 2 ponder his demise…

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