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Out Of Your LEAGUE!

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OK, so I got a request from a slave that sent Me a bunch of gifts off My wishlist to know what it would be like if a loser like him came up to Me – a GODDESS – in public and had the NERVE to actually ask Me out on a DATE. LOL! So this clip shows exactly how I would react! This loser came up to Me in a park and I make him BEG just for My slightest attention – mostly just for My own entertainment and because I like being MEAN. Then I make him literally kiss My feet and LICK THE DIRT OFF THE SOLES OF MY FILTHY FLATS while I film it with My iPhone so I can tweet out to My friends and we can all have a laugh at how pathetic this motherf*cker is! You’ll need to download the clip to hear My soul-crushing answer to this loser at the end after he does every degrading fucking thing I tell him to do…LOL! Anyone else think they’re actually good enough to date Me?? LOL…I only date REAL men! Not loser SLAVES like YOU! -GODDESS Randi

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Oh, oh… You want the same dating too? Or something else? Meet beautiful, cruel and REAL Mistress Now!

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8 min

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