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Pastel Goddess - Farting in Booty Shorts and Watching Anime - Face Sitting

Pastel Goddess - Farting in Booty Shorts and Watching Anime - Face Sitting

My student, Kitten, has been getting really bad grades all semester. I think he must be distracted or something. I call him into my office after class to have a talk about what we can do to get him back on track. I tell him that my plan is to lock him in chastity for the rest of the semester to improve focus. That’s not all, though. Kitten will have to meet me after class for the rest of the semester to sniff up all my farts. If he does that, at the very least I won’t fail him.

Sniffing my farts is both punishment and training for Kitten. He is always sitting at the front of class, hoping to catch a whiff of my air. He thinks I don’t notice, but I do. These meetings in combination with strict chastity will ensure that Kitten’s focus in my class improves and his grades, hopefully, as well. On the other hand, if he fails to show up to our fart sniffing sessions, I’ll tell his parents and everyone in school will know that he is a fart sniffing loser, and his future will be ruined.

Kitten obediently eats up all my farts as I discuss these terms with him. Eventually, though, he starts to get nauseous due to the intensely overwhelming scent of my gas. He is becoming pale and I can tell he is slipping. I take him out by sitting on his face and cutting off all his air. He’s going to have to be stronger if he’s going to pass my class. Instead, he will just have to go still for awhile. After he stops moving, I fart in his face one last time and leave him there for our next session.

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