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Poolside Princess Massage


My niece (“Princess Sierra”, as she demands to be called by all my slaves!) is REALLY taking to the life of using men as nothing more than slaves- and using their foot-fetishes against them to make them into devoted, obedient servants. She has learned quickly that they will do anything in the hopes of just being able to touch or kiss her lovely feet…lol. In the clip she simply walks out to my pool for her massage, literally uses a slave as s STEPSTOOL to step up onto the table I have on site for us women to receive our massages from slaves, and simply snaps her fingers and the massage begins- 3 slaves all dedicated to her body’s pleasure and relaxation. (As it SHOULD be!) I come out toward the end to make sure she is enjoying her massage…which lasted a full THREE HOURS apparently because she fell asleep and the slaves were afraid to stop massaging without her permission! LOL! By the way, my dear Sierra was just featured in “Hustler” magazine! (upcoming Dec issue) so these slaves are SO lucky to just be allowed to WORSHIP and SERVE her!! -Queen Kasey

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