Porcelain Beauty – Time for some belly tickles!

Porcelain Beauty – Time for some belly tickles!

How to keep a man where u want him? Tie him up of course or sit on him! Then take your little flogger and turn him into a jibbering wreck as you tickle his belly with your flogger. As if it wasn’t enough that I did turned him into a jibbering wreck from little belly tickles I thought I deserved more entertainment in the form of grabbing his carrot top hair n whacking him in the cock n balls with my flogger. And still it wasn’t enough, I am greedy and proud so I decide to put my hand over his mouth and tickle him senseless watching him squirm n wriggle as I dig my fingers into his rib cage. And last but not least I take great advantage of his available pressure points and grab and press watching him as he’s in pain but loving every second of it!

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