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Princess Britney BEATDOWN Initiation!

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Princess Britney is a local college co-ed and sorority girl that answered an ad online about actually getting PAID to “be mean to boys”. She thought it sounded too good to be true so she had her BF bring her to the address she was given. When she met ME and the beautiful Randy Moore, and saw what a fabulous home I have, she felt better and her BF finally left. That’s when we started filming these clips… Me n Randy Moore show Britney the POWER she really has as a female. (She is young- ONLY 19!) and doesn’t realize how much fun it is to make grown men BEG and GROVEL at her feet like Me an Randy M do. So we are showing her. In “BEATDOWN” we actually let her simply BEAT on another one of My slaves! She LOVES it! To her, she says it is totally like “hazing” the pledges at her sorority, except with grown men letting her abuse them instead of other girls, which is WAY more fun!! She even comments about how this could be a really fun way for her and some of her other sorority girlfriends to make money if they can just come over here and get paid to be total bitches and beat on My slaves for My videos! LOL! I LIKE this girl! At the end all THREE of us pick up something to beat the slave with in EACH HAND and go to TOWN on this loser in a “grand finale”! 🙂

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610 mb
10 min

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