Princess Selena Meets Slaves!


Princess Selena is – in real life – a 22-year-old hispanic fitness contestant and friends with Princess Selma. When Selena shared with Selma that she could use some extra cash, Selma told her about how she came over here one time and got PAID just to smack around these “gringo slaves”, abuse them and basically just treat them like sh*t – Selena couldn’t believe it! But if it was TRUE, she thought it was HILARIOUS- and it sounded like probably the most fun she could have making extra $$$. (And she couldn’t believe she wouldn’t have to take her clothes off or anything! LOL! It’s funny how these young girls won’t believe this unless one of there friends tells them…) So Queen Kasey told Princess Selma to bring her over! (Again, these are NOT porn stars, these are REGULAR GIRLS that have never done ANYTHING like this before!)
This is the first video when she came through the door and Queen Kasey had her real-life slave waiting at the door to PROPERLY greet her and another slave of she is filming it! You can see the shock on her face. And of course, the FIRST thing a new Princess should do to get used to being SERVED is to make the worthless slave WORSHIP HER FEET! :) Queen wasn’t there for the filming of this, but Kasey loved watching the slave-edited footage later! Princess Selena relishes her newfound power over men and has already contacted Queen Kasey about coming back over to abuse her slaves some more! LOL!

Several more videos to come of this new Princess… And she has really adorable feet too! So download and watch this clip, slaves!

Princess Selena Meets Slaves

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