Psycho GoGo Dancer Ballbusting n Face Sitting

Psycho GoGo Dancer Ballbusting n Face Sitting

Charlotte the GoGo dancer has been sent to the nut house after she had an episode at dance practice n kicked a guy in the balls about 100 times. Dr Lance Hart is handling her intake, and walking her into a padded room where she will be staying 4 the night.

Charlotte starts to show Dr Lance some of her sexy dance moves. At first he watches her and can’t help but be a little turned on by her, because she is fucking beautiful, but she is clearly full goose bonkers. After she dances around 4 him a little, she comes at him out of no where n pushes him against the wall n starts to knee him hard in the balls.

Dr Lance is bewildered by the pain in his balls and the shock of the craziness as she continues to whale on his nuts. She throws him on the ground, climbs on top of him and knees him harder n harder, then sits on his face, completely smothering him n puts a grip on his cock n balls.

As he tries to scream in pain, the vibration gets her hornier so she squeezes harder n grinds her pussy against his smothered mouth. She spins around to smother his face with her sexy ass while she slaps n grabs at his sore balls.

Charlotte throws Lance back up against the wall, drives her high heel shoe into his nuts and rips off his lab coat n shirt. She knees him over n over again with great intensity, then escapes the padded room while he is on the ground holding his balls.

This clip is fucking sexy, hardcore, and fun.

Keywords: Femdom, Hard Ballbusting, Facesitting, Pantyhose, Leotard, High Heels, Dancing, Teasing

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14 min

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