Public Dirty Shoe Cleaner – Sardax Endorsed

Public Dirty Shoe Cleaner - Sardax Endorsed

This clip is a tribute to the Femdom art of Sardax. (google his name to find his site and more info. We love his work and feel it represents how ALL of society SHOULD be- with WOMEN in charge!)


This slave has been permanently built into a wall by a popular cafe- as punishment 4 his crimes of disrespect toward women. The ladies come by one by one n all of them know why he is there. This is a common punishment 4 males that commit sexual harassment or even raape n they are stationed throughout the city to learn respect toward women as the SUPERIOR sex by licking the dirt off the bottom of any woman’s shoe that happens 2 walk by. They must remain at shoe-level n lick the filth from the bottom of any woman’s shoes 4 the rest of their miserable lives as an example to other men in society 2 forever bow to the superiority of women. The women casually use the slave as a shoe cleaner n nothing more! The girl in the background casually watches n couldn’t care less about the plight of the pathetic slave in the wall…

*If you are a fan of public shoe worship or female superiority then you will love this clip! (There is no dialogue in this clip- it is purely a visual artistic expression of Femdom.)* This clip was not easy to create, but we may do more real-life re-creations of Sardax’s work if it proves popular…

Keywords: Femdom

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11 min

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