Purecfnm – Alexa Bold, Daria Glower – Burglar

Purecfnm - Alexa Bold, Daria Glower - Burglar

Daria has gone round to see her friend Alexa for a drink and to catch up. But while they`re talking they hear a noise in the house n realise that a burglar has broken in. The girls are scared but grab a stick and hide behind the door. When the burglar comes in, they jump on him and hit him with the stick until he is subdued. Rather than call the Police, the girls then decide to teach him a lesson n punish him so bad that he`ll never want to come back to their house. Holding his arms behind his back, they strip him naked and then bend him over so they can smack his ass. They then get their large collection of dildos and start to take turns fucking his asshole with them. The girls laugh as the burglar squirms n tries to get away, but that just makes them fuck him harder. The dildos get bigger n bigger and the girls push them into his ass harder and deeper, laughing as they do so. With Daria fucking his ass while he is on all fours, Alexa reaches underneath and starts wanking his cock and the poor burglar can’t control himself and cums all over the floor. The girls then send him out without his clothes and with the stick still shoved up his ass as he crawls to the door! “I don’t think he`ll ever want 2 come back,” laughs Daria.

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