Purecfnm – Angel Velvet, Juliette Blanc – POW

Purecfnm - Angel Velvet, Juliette Blanc - POW

Martin has been captured as a Prisoner Of War. Unfortunately for him, his two guards Juliette n Angel, like to take advantage of their prisoners and they lead him out of his cell to another room so they can enjoy themselves. They strap him to a table, pull his clothes off and then take turns to spank his ass. They then get him in a suspended hammock so his ass is exposed and Angel starts fucking him with a strap-on while Juliette holds him in place. Martin asks them to leave him alone but the girls are just beginning their fun n they swap places so Juliette can have a turn fucking his asshole. To complete his humiliation, Angel wanks his cock while Juliette pounds his ass and he soon spunks all over himself.

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13 min

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