Queen Of Chastity Chumps

Queen Of Chastity Chumps

Come in wimp, let me see how ridiculous u look today. U have been in a steel chastity cage 4 3 days… Did u bring MY money? Count it out in my hand n then I will unlock u as promised. One thousand, Two Thousand, Three Thousand. Good… but guess what… I changed my mind! haha! I`m not unlocking u today!
U brought me $2000 yesterday and I lied then too! But u`re soooo dumb and I love that u will do literally anything I say no matter how much I abuse u. Now I want u 2 bring me ANOTHER three thousand tomorrow, and if U have no more money, guess what? U`ll just have 2 become my g@y webcam whore 4 two years! Haha. Then I prooomise I will unlock u, haha!

Mistress Jass

Keywords: Financial Domination, Mistress, Chastity, Femdom

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