Reality Girl Scissors – Morgan, Scarlet – Morgan and The Knockout Queen: Four Knockouts

Reality Girl Scissors - Morgan, Scarlet - Morgan and The Knockout Queen: Four Knockouts

Scarlett is way too mean. She doesn’t waste time here in doing what she loves most in this thing – knocking Chad out in a rear naked choke as starts one of the most extreme knockout binges gone on by any girl. Seemingly without a soul, Scarlett – the lean, cruel girl feels a right to a knockout each time she locks in her feared RNC and here puts Chad’s lights out before handing his neck over to fit between the rock-quarry quads of Morgan Del Ray – the longtime gymnast whose headscissors are almost impossible to move from her intense leg strength she applies with apparent ease. Chad can’t go anywhere in MDR’s headscissors as Scar stands above and foot gags him. Morgan controls his head with her pythons so Scar can mess with him – hold his nose and taunt him. Scar stomps on him and MDR kicks him in the groin and tells him “Shutup!” as the girls stand on his face n body. They mock his begging in a throat stand. Morgan sits on him as Scar applies a standing headscissors. She telsl MDR “stomp his balls” and threatens to knock him out again. He begs in Scar’s straight headscissors as MDR strikes his balls and looks into his pained face as Scar powers out a headscissors knockout then – incredibly – gets behind him again and puts him to sleep in another vicious RNC. MDR twirls her hair holding his neck in another figure 4. Chad can take a ton but Scar might be too extreme here – putting him out again in a rear naked choke. In a last violent RNC Scar has to be talked out of putting him out a fifth time! What a mean bitch.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissor, Foot Gagging, Figure 4, Scissorhold, Reality Girl Scissors, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Morgan, Scarlet, Facestanding, Trampling, Trample, Face Standing, Smothering, Smother

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