Reality Girls – Andi Page – Bully’s Headscissors Knockout

Reality Girls - Andi Page - Bully's Headscissors Knockout

Superstar Andi Page takes Thin Man to the mat in a headlock takedown, telling him “that’s why you are not good.” She gets on a more dangerous reverse headlock, telling him “she will let him out “if you can get out.” Andi is such a badass. Her powerhouse thighs crank out straight headscissors. He screams and taps in the legs of the girl he fears more than any he faces. A baseball choke – 1st used here by Electra, one of the brightest stars and most incredible people we’ve ever worked with. Andi makes every hold brutally painful. She drags him by the neck n locks on her infamous rear naked choke. A seated figure-4 headscissors – then a traditional figure four headscissors. A facesit by 1 of the best. Maria still talks about the day here Andi facesat her for what seemed forever but not long enough. A violet side headscissors taking the length of a couch, a heel to the balls n turns the move into lunges. But soon, he’s in terror – in Andi’s side/throatscissors and is knocked out with a blast of her incredible legs. She talks for a few precious moments about her life of knockouts. She’s a doll. More straight headscissors – a reverse headlock – violent rear naked chokes. A bow n arrow. He screams. She is “circling u like a shark.” She gets him in a more reptilian hold, the rear naked choke that she refuses to release through his tapping until she decides she’s ready.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Trampling, Trample, Jumping, Scissor, Scissorhold, Wrestling, Calves, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting

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