Reality Girls – Jolene Hexx – Making Jolene Angry – Three Knockouts

Reality Girls - Jolene Hexx - Making Jolene Angry - Three Knockouts

Jolene Hexx is one of the most beautiful, spirited n skilled submission wrestlers ever, and she has her times of extreme cruelty. But we haven’t seen her quite the knockout machine she’s inspired to here. Jolene saying “I fuckin’ hate this guy” as she swallows his head in a reverse headscissors is indicative of what drives her here to knocking him out three times – twice in her rear naked choke n once in her reverse headscissors – his eyes like pinballs with just the whites dancing; the stunner from Sin City above him laughing. Maybe it’s because he told her he’s a lifestyle submissive and then couldn’t take enough of her unwieldy power, or maybe it’s his whining, or maybe they just don’t click, but the gorgeous and powerful submission artist hurts Charles terribly on his first trip to Vegas. Quickly he’s asleep in her rear naked choke. One good pop in her python arms and he’s gone. She stomps him, hard, jumps on his ribs and sternum and when he turns she reaches behind her for something. it’s a stiletto heel. She stands on his hand with it, driving the weight of her solid, athletic frame down as it looks to go through the top of his hand like a stake. She makes him shove a washcloth in his mouth as he screams like he’s tied to tracks for an encroaching train. She laughs. She reverse headscissors him again and, unsatisfied with his endurance, slams violent elbows into him, hurting his ribs as he flails n screams in pain. Again he’s out in her rear naked choke. Again she reigns down kicks and blows on him. More terrible pain as she drives her high heel down into the top of his hand and he screams, and again, and again as she seems possessed by cruelty. The wrong day and the wrong girl for Charles. She makes him lick the bottom of the shoe, then fucks his mouth with the heel. The eye-popping beating will seemingly, for Charles, not stop. She finishes him in her world-class ass – her world-class reverse headscissors – this world-class beauty with the Hollywood smile who here is motivated to a ruthless and celebrated knockout fest of the guy to whom she takes an instant dislike n leaves in severe pain – once he wakes up.

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