Reality Girls Scissors – Amadahy at Her Meanest: Clear HD Knockouts!

Reality Girls Scissors - Amadahy at Her Meanest: Clear HD Knockouts!

Young Goddess Amadahy meets Chad in her black, badass outfit. “He can take a lot,” she says praising him. She tells him he’s going to beg for air. “I am really mean,” she says, telling him it makes her smile – him squirming between her legs. Chad, the prince of taking pain, says “No!” as Amadahy’s throatscissors closes in. He pre-cums in his pants. There it is for all to see after a long front headscissors and his hard-on pressing against the hard mat. Amadahy asks him if he’s gone out before. Ha! Goddess – clearly not a site watcher – Chad has taken some of the most vicious knockouts ever. She tells him his classmates are going to ask where he got the scissor burns on his neck. “It woud be so easy to just break your neck at this angle,” she says at one point as she has him in a reverse headscissors. Facesitting makes Amadahy’s adductors flex. A brutally deep front headscissors. She won’t let go and he won’t tap. Sleeper hold abuse. “I love the sound of your throat collapsing,” she says. Deep side headscissors. Ass sitting has his nose up her crack as she tells him she could just forget about him under there. Back to the evil throatscissors. He’s forced to tap but she keeps the power on. Amadahy not only is more beautiful than we have ever seen her, she hasn’t been this mean to anyone arguably since her hippie knockout toy, Ginger, took her beatings and knockouts. She humps his throat and says “Do u know how much stronger I`m than you?” More facesitting n front headscissors squeezing fluids from his eyes and nose. Amadahy’s submission holds and leg strength are elite. Young mistress Amadahy gets excited when she realizes he can take foot gaggin and tells him to make out with her foot. More violent throatscissors. She asks if his pussy hurts. This is Amadahy wild! The definition in her quads is remarkable as she locks her straight headscissors out. He starts to cry. She tries to break his ribs with bodyscissors. She takes his back, makes him eat the mat n gets him in a sleeper. She stands on him, plants her foot on his neck and then suddenly he’s back in her throatscissors. He taps. She refuses to let him go saying “No,” like the beautiful bully she is, and squeals a laugh as his eyes roll back in his head again – asleep in her powerful legs.

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