Reality Girls Scissors – Amadahy’s Contract Knockouts – Clear HD Knockouts!

Reality Girls Scissors - Amadahy's Contract Knockouts - Clear HD Knockouts!

Rob is a mess and 1 of Reality Girls longtime fans wrote in, not-so-kindly pointing it out and requesting that one girl, his favorite Reality Girl Goddess Amadahy, hurt him. Here is New York guy’s e-mail that inspired his beating here from the 22-year-old sadist beauty: “Can you please have Goddess Amadahy take Rob and put him to sleep over n over again??? He looks like he ate himself when he was skinny and fat and this thing is whats left. Too much squeezing by Dixie back in the day??? She gets on a reality show n your still fat. Knock his fatass out, have her try to break his neck bringing her leg down hard and finish with him tapping and her laughing not letting up!” The second line about Rob eating two versions of himself is priceless and true, and Loren gave Rob no choice – nor did Amadahy, so thanks, New York guy for the e-mail inspiring this impromptu custom action filled on the spot. Amadahy locks Rob in a sleeper hold at the start and whispers “I am gonna pop your head off. I am gonna snap your neck and I am gonna laugh through every minute of it.”… not an easy thing to hear from a girl who so loves inflicting pain and who has maybe her favorite victim in her arms. The unmistakable sounds of air moving through the thinnest part of its pathway – a false alarm and an honest Rob saying he’s still awake then – Bamm! The redhead’s sleeper turns his fucking lights out and has him making noises that you’d think would frighten people with souls. Amadahy, conversely, laughs so hard she covers her mouth while her bitch “Mooos” beneath her. She sticks her ass in his face – makes him kiss the soles of her feet then locks him in a reverse headscissors, moving to a side headscissors that makes him scream and her laugh as Loren gets a closeup of his jaw, which he’s telling them is bending the wrong way. A front headscissors, then violent leg drops and another side headscissors in which she says “beg me” and still doesn’t let him out. He panics and almost goes out – Amadahy has a talent for taking someone to the edge and making him or her having stayed awake more painful. She has a talent for everything. He screams “Please!” and “Master!” as he barley draws air. Sometimes it works, twice it doesn’t and he is asleep hard. Amadahy’s wrap-around rear wrist choke almost finishes him forever before doing as the fan asks, headscissoring him while he slams the floor tapping like a wild, trapped and fat beast as her ass and thighs keep tightening around his neck to what seems an impossible pressure applied by the long legged superstar.

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