Reality Girls Scissors – Andi Breaks Cobie Dixon – Five HD Knockouts

Reality Girls Scissors - Andi Breaks Cobie Dixon - Five HD Knockouts

Andi turns her mean to 100 on the guy who has never before in life been in a headscissors, a tough but slim young man we met away from this thing of ours who the superstar turns purple in her legs, and in just more than a minute, who needs a drink of water. “Didn’t know what he was in for,” she says. We seem to repeat it each time we see her, but it’s straight reporting … Andi has never been more beautiful. 3 weeks ago, we ran into our friend Olivia – the Olivia before sweet Olivia Kasady – who wrestled Andi and Chi Chi and hurt Pain Taker a few years ago. She gasped at a laptop screenshot of Andi Page; sitting on the red brothel couch here; she hadn’t seen her in a few years and marveled at the excellence she is making her prime years. Andi locks him in a rear naked choke; he doesn’t tap and he falls asleep in her arms. He’s tough; he hates tapping and is therefore a perfect match for the girl with the perfect cheekbones who loves hurting people as much as she can push them to pain. Again a RNC, saying “No warning this time,” crunching his throat in, putting him to sleep again and telling him he didn’t tap, again. “You fell asleep again,” she tells him. She stretches his body out in her crucifix. She locks on her infamous figure-four headscissors – a standing headscissors that has his noises like rocks circling in a dryer. His skull bends inward in a standing headscissors; she moves the hold and him to the wall 2 puts him to sleep, a silent and shared gasp as his head, unaware of itself, falls; she catches it in the crook of her knee. A break and a candid moment from the other room hears and sees Cobie telling Andi that her legs are made for powerlifting, and her telling poor Cobie she only wants to join a gym to work her legs. They`re profiles, her legs in power and produce one of the greatest headscissors of all time and she stars here in one of the more abject displays of brutality. A straight headscissors; her calf crank makes him cry — a closeup seen of the tear leaking from his right eye, from the inhuman pressure from the legs of Andi Page. He taps and grabs his neck in pain. “Yay, tears! I love tears; he’s crying,” Andi proudly says before knocking him out again, holding him up in her legs. “You are a sleepy dude,” she tells him, then locks him right back in her world-class RNC. We keep action rolling as her arm cramps and she points out “even people as strong as me get muscle cramps,” we follow him grabbing his neck in terrible pain. A standing headscissors, her hands on her hips. She praises him for finally tapping and tries his ability to do the same in another rear naked choke. It is not there. He hates tapping, and again he goes to bed. She tramples him; locks him in bodyscissors that force guttural sounds from him. He needs a break from her bodyscissors; as resilient as he is he is unwell, never having felt anything like her, shaking his head at pure power. A camel clutch bends his back painfully as she tells just to say “tap” if he can’t tap, her fingers laced under his chin. An armbar; another brutal bodyscissors makes him tap. “She’s a beast,” he tells the camera. Her Japanese hold. There is evil in her gemstone eyes as she makes his bones pop; she locks him back into a camel clutch, her huge calves flaring as she goes up on her toes and pulls back, laughing as he cries out, suffering. Her shin muscles ripple. There is no part of Andi’s legs that does not have muscle. It seems he might pass out again from the pain and a reluctance to tap; but he taps. She stretches and flexes her calves sitting on him then pulls back on another camel clutch. He is purple; her eyes stay fixed steel as she encourages him to suffer 1 more of the holds, which nearly snaps his back as she drops him on his face and plants one of her Size 10s on his back, laughing her evil laugh in declaring clear and extreme victory.

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