Reality Girls Scissors: Introducing Gianna! Clear HD

Reality Girls Scissors: Introducing Gianna! Clear HD

21-year-old Gianna wrestles for the 1st time anywhere on camera and overpowers pain cushion Chad with headscissors that reveal developed quads reminding us most of young badass Andi. The beautiful new girl snaps on straight headscissors after straight headscissors, pouring the pressure on for long periods then popping her legs out to hurt his neck worse. A figure four as the college hottie in the glasses starts enjoying her power. Her rear naked choke is instantly brutal and has him gagging n hacking as she releases a little then pulls back until he is taking panicked, desperate breaths. He taps! She’s officially a badass as this guy will scream n gnash his teeth n sometimes get knocked out rather than tap. The tall girl puts him at her big feet and clinches her ripped quads around his skull in a standing headscissors. She punishes him in a long crucifix he admits he can’t escape. “Try,” she says n smiles her youthful smile. Pulling back on his neck and spine he screams and taps. The powerful girl applies a full nelson n almost tears his triceps apart as she stretches him coupling the hold with a bodyscissors. She finishes her introduction rocking his neck in a standing headscissors as she looks down at her 1st prey in her strong legs.

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