Reality Girls Scissors – Introducing Karly Salinas! 1080 HD

Reality Girls Scissors - Introducing Karly Salinas! 1080 HD

Skip Caray used to ask broadcast partners if they knew what was wrong with a young girl a camera caught in the stands. “What?” he did get back, and Caray would say, “Nothin’.” The most beautiful women in the world love baseball, including Karly Salinas – introduced here already an elite prospect. The instant she decided to wrestle in this thing of ours, Karly Salinas became one of the most stunningly pretty girls to ever do so. She’s one of those girls who looks like she stepped off the varsity soccer field into a magazine. She wears a one-piece here; her body is somehow exactly as hot as her face. It’s a remarkable achievement by her body. She has one of the greatest asses in Reality Girls history and a headscissors the rookie cranks on Thin Man for long periods, her athletic legs keeping the hold locked out – making him scream n wail under the pressure. Her figure-four headscissors are already perfect. They rip into him as she digs in long hard, punishing holds. He suffers in her figure four as she laughs at his ability to hang in. She laughs like a college girl and has shoulders like she’s on the swim team. But it’s the gym that powers this elite beauty. Thin Man takes a lot. He’s managing; but quickly, the dark-haired beauty spins n taps him out in one blast of a reverse headscissors applied like a veteran; then a brutal rear naked choke. She has him gasping in pain in a front headscissors, his neck deep in her pelvis as she smiles like a rock star down at him. There should be more than one camera here for her, one for her entirety and one for her face, whatever it’s doing. “Your figure 4 is brutal,” Thin Man says; we watch her ask if he’s OK and laugh before another front headscissors buries him, her hands behind her head. She loves it. She’s a natural in all meanings of the word. Another rear naked choke; she spins into another reverse headscissors. The 120 lb guy is shaken by Karly’s beauty and her power. A throatscissors. He is blue. This, her first time cranking brutal holds on; we stay with her laughing at him, at the intensity on her body n on his neck her submission holds inspire. She powers on more straight headscissors, her quads clamping on his jaw. Then it’s her big calf muscle around his throat again as she pulls back on her perfect figure 4 headscissors as he goes blue fast in her calf muscle before a brutal finish and a last closeup of this remarkable new girl.

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