Reality Girls Scissors – Legs From Hell! 1080 HD MP4

Reality Girls Scissors - Legs From Hell! 1080 HD MP4

Mikaela is in a bad mood n punishes Pain Taker right away in a vicious spine stretcher/hammer lock that threatens multiple points in his body. Her legs are massively powerful, swallowing the small guy’s head in a brutal reverse headscissors from which he struggles to get free. His head goes purple as it looks like it might pop at any second. Pain Taker fights back, trying to take the strong n beautiful girl’s back and gets a Judo throw instead that knocks the wind out of him. He’s lucky she didn’t break his ribs. She takes his back and sinks in her python arms for a rear naked choke. Another straight headscissors. “Try and get out with all your might,” she says, having to tell him again as he tells her he can’t hear anything inside her headscissors. PT goes at her, trying to take out her legs. But Mikaela spins around him and leaves him face down after almost cracking his windpipe. Mikaela then punishes the weakened guy with her legs, almost popping his head off in straight headscissors then telling him he’s going in her “anaconda,” her nickname for her straight throatscissors that is among the most brutal scissor holds ever applied. Her legs swallow his neck then nearly break his ribs. All he can do is say “Tap!” as she has his arms bent behind his back. Everything Mik does is dangerous. Her huge calves hurt him in a figure four headscissors. He grapples her n she almost breaks his back leaping on him from a spin move and holding him in half. She yanks back on a shoulder breaker, makes him tap in another reverse headscissors before forcing him back to the couch as his head struggles to stay attached while she pours the power on the guy she outweighs by 5 pounds of muscle.

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16 min

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