Reality Girls Scissors – Nikki Fierce – Reverse Headscissors Horror: Knockout!

Reality Girls Scissors - Nikki Fierce - Reverse Headscissors Horror: Knockout!

At 1st we find the adorable and addicting Nikki Fierce squeezing Steve’s head, which is stuck between the vinyl straps of chair. The demonic whirlwind of fun flexes as she climbs on his shoulders cranking out a headscissors that sends them both falling back. Nikki digs with brutal straight headscissors. The superstar has incredible power and control in her headscissors. She locks him in a rear naked choke and talks to him in her evil, sexy way about how she knows he wants to go out “because you want the pain to stop.” Steve is about as purple as we have seen anything, ever. “Ownership,” Nikki says, biting her lip as she sinks in the RNC. Nikki Fierce locks on a reverse figure-four headscissors then straightens out one of the most dangerous holds anywhere – the throatscissors. Then it’s the superstar’s Shoulder Breaker – a figure-four headscissors with his arm trapped straight in the air, putting terrible strain on the labrum while she keeps little dots forming in his eyes with the pressure from her legs. Nikki buries the ultra-tough guy’s face in her reverse headscissors. He taps but she will only allow a little breath, no release, telling him it’s like being “buried alive.” A reverse figure four headscissors buries his face in her incredible ass before locking out the straight reverse without mercy again. She wonders if he can take a pressure level of a “10” saying “I don’t really wanna put you in the hospital, but man I love to squeeze.” She crushes him and he panics, then she does it again as he so freaks that he rips at her bikini bottoms. “Got you between the soles of my feet,” she says has about a reverse facesit then leans back, combining an adductor crush. Nikki’s adductor crush is enough to finish anyone in it. Her inner thighs are steel bands. Nikki tells the camera she loves the “storm” that is framed in the reaction of Steve in her long reverse headscissors and his jerking, desperate movements. While he is purple and more purple in the hold, Nikki smiles talking about the 1st time she realized she could control someone with her legs. “The legs are such a powerful body part on a woman … just the control. It’s so easy to lure somebody in 1st of all… even if they wanted to be let go, they couldn’t,” Nikki says. While explaining her love of headscissors, Steve panics more in her reverse, which has been on so long his temples are screaming in pain from the constancy of the pressure. Nikki pours on the power in the reverse and she ignores his taps until he thwacks her so hard she lets a little air in and flexes the bicep she loves. “Are u crying? He is crying,” she says of his pressure tears. Another violent reverse headscissors she won’t release despite his tapping. Steve is one of the toughest guy’s we have ever seen and hangs on so long, and is pushed past taps by Nikki Fierce so often – that he is all but gone to the world. She pulls him up into a rear naked choke. His eyes are swollen from pressure as he remarkably stays in with his eyes glassy. She tells him the time has come for sleep and tightens the RNC until the skin of his neck singes. He taps, but she powers down, turning the hold over and compressing his trach. He’s asleep n trembling. Nikki is asked about keeping the hold on until she feels him shake. “Oh, I have gotta make sure they are out completely.”

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Nikki Fierce, Wrestling, Scissor, Scissorhold, Domination, Verbal Humiliation, Degradation

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