Reality Girls Scissors – “No, Please!” Clear HD

Reality Girls Scissors - "No, Please!" Clear HD

Scissor Angel Andi’s baseball choke has Wimp off to a bad start as the weakling accidently spits on her being crushed by her rock-hard forearms. His punishment – throatscissors by the 21-year-old beauty’s big legs. The Wimp taps and taps and Andi releases and squeezes, shaking her head at what a little pussy he is. She makes fun of his gagging sounds, mocking them and laughing. It’s one of the sexier things that Andi – who has gone from a pretty girl to a beautiful young woman – does when beating people up. Andi’s reverse headscissors swallow his head drawing panicked tapping and heavy breathing. Her 16-inch calf muscle flexes as she crushes him in a triangle. The incredibly strong girl won’t let him go. She chills, resting her head in her hand n blasts on the power of her brutal straight headscissors, letting up then squeezing her prey repeatedly. In her black latex top and short shorts, she’s impossible to look away from. “Please,” he begs and she mocks him again. Frustrated with him tapping and tapping n tapping, she quickly locks on one of her most punishing rear naked chokes, cinching it so tight that the skin of her arm folds around the flexing muscle. In her combo rear naked choke/bodyscissors, her arms snake around his neck and he begs “No, please.” Again he begs in her crucifix. Then he’s right back in her rear naked choke and she digs it in – sick of the extremity of his weakness. Another headscissors actually makes him cry; another baseball choke makes him gag. Then Andi flexes her dominance making him sit up and locking him in a collar choke! His face buried in her perfect chest, her arms flexing, he is shocked by the expert hold and taps – again. Andi Lauren Page has become one of the most dominant mixed wrestlers anywhere. She’s not just young and beautiful, she leg presses 500 pounds, benches more than 100 ponds and has mastered what seems here to Damion like countless submission holds. As that laugh, at once debasing and dismissive, maybe as sexy as anything she does 2 her victims when they beg n squeal in her bionic limbs.

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