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Ripe For The Taking

asian femdom

“Just as u are eager to give your soul to me, u are eager to offer up every inch of your body to me. There is not one crevice of your body that shall not be exploited by me for my own sick pleasures.

Your mouth has a had a taste of my violent cock and now it is time for u ass to do the same. Your exterior has been beaten and lashed by your Mistress but your insides must feast on pain too. Although u will find erotic pleasure in having me fill your ass, we must supplement this pleasure with pain. I will pull your hair tightly at the nape of your neck as if I’m pulling the reins to a bucking horse. I will drag my nails across your back as I peg u from behind. My spit will rain upon your cheek as I make u mine.

Your love for me is not cotton candy and ponies. It is callous and dark. It is rough and challenging. However, with challenge comes triumph. U cannot truly appreciate anything unless u have been through hell and back to get it. I will take u to hell and u will rise in ecstasy from my flames.”

Empress Kim Lee

Anoter one Asian Femdom video!

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