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Robbed Of His Air

asian mistress

My presence leaves you weak; from the intoxicating fumes of my fragrance to the sight of my feminine silhouette cinched at the waist. My perfection is unmatched and it makes you a slave to me.

“U feel the soft leather creep up behind your neck and face like two eager snakes ready to their prey and u turn to putty in my hands. My elegant fingers seem delicate until u feel the strength of them press into your throat and around your mouth. I cup my my hand so tightly around your nose and mouth that not even a slither of air can live in the space between your skin and my glove.

I have taken your air supply like a thief in the night. As u begin losing oxygen flow to your brain u feel a high. A high like never before. It took my initiative and will to give u this feeling because u would never have experienced it on your own. For that, u are indebted to me. U will serve your goddess and pray that I grant u with such a pleasurable experience again.”

Young Goddess Angelina




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