Rodea Visits Mean Girl Manor

Rodea Visits Mean Girl Manor

So I visited Mean Girl Manor n they gave me this slave that they said could take pretty much as many kicks to the balls as I wanted 2 dish out n that I could kick him as hard as I wanted over n over, haha!

I won’t say too much… but lets just say he was leaking the “redd stuff” by the end (cant see on camera though off course coz it was cutt short) n he ended up with his balls the size of grapefruit. But I didnt even feel bad coz they told me that this is what these losers are used for. I mean seriously? LOL I guess It’s like their PURPOSE in life around here lol. So I made him literally kiss the boots that took him out of commission 4 six months. He had to go 2 the doctor! HAHAHA! SOOO much fun! (4 ME, anyways!!) Apparently I`m a new legend in the making.

Goddess Rodea

Keywords: Ballbusting

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