Sadie is a ball breaking tease Part 1

Sadie is a ball breaking tease Part 1

Sadie Holmes invited Lance Hart over. It’s late, so he thinks it’s a booty call. She’s only wearing a bra n black leggings. Sadie tells Lance that before he can fuck her, he has 2 indulge her little fetish. She loves kicking boys in the balls…

She makes him a deal. If he can take ten hard kicks 2 the balls, she will fuck him… She makes him spread his legs n kicks him hard, “Oh that wasn’t that hard, I can go a lot harder… [GIGGLE]”

“When I am done with your balls, u might not have anything left…”

Sadie teases Lance in between dropping him with hard kicks, encouraging him 2 keep going, and giving him blue balls at the same time until she finally leaves him holding his sore blue balls while she giggles n bounds away.

*this clip has some really hard ball kicking. I was pretty sore after :)

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Tease And Denial, Black Leggings, Free

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8 min


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